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Future of Library Services & Technology Solutions

It is with great pleasure that Informatics Publishing Limited (IPL) invites you for the two day event on Koha and related library technologies. The event is being organized by IPL in collaboration with SMS Medical College, Jaipur on 8th and 9th July 2017, at the mentioned institution’s campus.

With this event, we hope to achieve target of enriching the knowledge of our fellow library community members. Such that, they are empowered to be leaders in deploying and contracting technology for efficient dissemination of information for the benefit of knowledge seekers throughout the institution.

Informatics Group has recently celebrated completion of 37 years, of serving with library community worldwide to manage the needs of knowledge seekers. IPL currently has a highly experienced and robust team working for the library technology division. Team members of the mentioned division will be presenting and coordinating a hands-on workshop on Koha during this two day event.

The event will be attended by existing and prospective users of Koha. We are expecting a gathering of 70+ delegates from in and around the city Jaipur.

The highlights of the event are:

  1. Hands-on workshop on Koha.
  2. Discussion on new requirements (features) in Koha for library community
  3. Brief view of future of technology solutions for library community

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