e-Boox Aggregation Database

Aggregation of Full-Text e-Books

eBoox.in is India’s first and unique full-fledged subscription based e-books portal for both Indian and international publishers. The aspiration of eBoox.in is to become the portal of choice for all e-books in a library.

A Full-text Database of eBooks

eBoox.in will not only give the publishers from across the world a unique opportunity to provide their e-books to hitherto unexplored markets, but also provide a platform for the researcher community across domains to access content. This would aid their research activities and at the same time, fulfil the aspirations of global authors to disseminate their research among their peers.

eBoox.in hosts books of multiple publishers which can be accessed by individuals and institutional libraries through multiple access models. Publishers now have a great opportunity to collaborate with an ethical and passionate partner having excellent market reach and reputation.

eBoox.in is an e-book aggregation platform for hosting and providing access to e-books as a searchable content. It aggregates e-books from leading publishers in different subject domains as a database. The platform is a discovery and access portal for the aggregated e-books and promotes the same to the end users in the local as well as global academic and corporate market.

e-Boox Aggregation Database

Why eBoox.in?

For Libraries

Indian and global publishers on a common platform.

Annual subscription base access models.

Selection of titles based on subject collection and publisher collection.

Pick and choose titles available for subscription access.

Unlimited user concurrency based access.

For Publishers

Increasing the reach of your titles, thereby increasing the revenue base.

Hosting, marketing, and selling e-books through our platform.

DRM protection to ensure content.

Conversion of print books sales to e-books sales.

Extensive organized promotion of publishers’ titles.

Scope to increase sales of print books along with e-books.