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A compilation of vital information on Indian business and industry from various business magazines and newspapers, India Business Insight saves your time and keeps you constantly in touch with the fast changing business environment.

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India Business Insight (IBI) – a comprehensive desk-research tool – provides extensive, credible, and well-indexed data on Indian businesses and industries. It automatically consolidates the data into one single platform for easy viewing and quicker insight. IBI has been tracking and summarizing business and financial stories from more than 300+ Indian Business Publications since 1993, and contains data of 90,000+ companies and 12,000 products across 44 industries, thus making it invaluable to business analysts, market researchers, premier business schools, and consulting companies across the world. The Database Monitors Various News Media to Provide Insight into:

Performance data of public, private, and joint sector companies with special emphasis on acquisitions, mergers, demergers, and diversification.

Company profile, corporate strategy, management moves, and production statistics that can be readily applied to understand business strategies of both Indian companies as well as foreign firms operating within India.

Management, financial data, human resource development, credit ratings, defence sector, government policies, litigation, and court verdicts related to national issues as well as respective businesses, and much more.

Future plans and joint ventures between Indian and foreign companies.

India Business Insight (

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India Business Insight (

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