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Informatics Journals ( provides high quality research dissemination with utmost publishing ethics. The researchers can submit the manuscript online and every manuscript undergoes plagiarism check using iThenticate software. The relevant manuscripts will be peer reviewed by subject specialists under the guidance of editorial board members. The accepted papers will be edited by our copy editing team and pagination layouts will be prepared by our technical experts. We publish journals under various subject domains including Engineering, Management, Medical, and Social Sciences.

Informatics’ Journal Platform provides very simple and user-friendly interface right from submitting articles to accessing the published articles. All the members of the Editorial Board of each Journal are renowned research masters and qualified professors in their particular subject area.

Informatics Journals

Our Flagship Journals

Toxicology International

| | | "Toxicology International" (Formerly Indian Journal of Toxicology) is the official publication of The Society of Toxicology, India. Toxicology International is an International Research Journal published 3 Issues . The Journal is concerned all aspects of toxicology of drugs, chemicals including pesticides, indigenous drugs, epidemiological aspects covering human beings, animals, plants, environmental sciences, etc. The journal publishes research, review and general articles besides opinions, comments, news-highlights and letters to editor.

Journal of Surface Science and Technology

| | | Publishing the Journal of Surface Science and Technology with an International Editorial Board is the prime activity of the Indian Society for Surface, Science, and Technology. The journal covers theoretical and basic aspects of colloid and interfaces science and its related applications in technology. Publication of conference proceedings and monographs is also undertaken by the Society from time to time.

Journal of Natural Remedies

| | | Nature can provide all the remedies, for all. All substances produced by nature can be recognized; all cells talk the same language as we all are from the same mother cell. Journal of Natural Remedies is devoted toward the understandings of all remedies from nature. Journal of Natural Remedies publishes original articles related to utilisation of any natural source for remedy including bioactive natural products. Studies related to the resources, chemistry (including analytical), biological activity, biotechnology and pharmacology (including toxicology) of archaea, bacteria, protistas, fungi, plants, animals, viruses and minerals fall within the journal's scope. The journal welcomes investigations on products related to traditional system of medicines (Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other systems of past and present cultures), Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM), homeopathy, indigenous remedies, folklore medicines and functional foods.

The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society

| | | The Indian Mathematical Society began publishing Progress Reports right from 1907 and then the Journal from 1908 (The 1908 and 1909 issues of the Journal are entitled "The Journal of the Indian Mathematical Club"). From 1910 onward, it is published as its current title 'The Journal of Indian Mathematical Society.

Journal of Biological Control

| | | The Journal of Biological Control published quarterly, is an exclusive journal in India devoted to the science of Biological Control. The journal publishes original research articles on all aspects relating to biological control of pests (insect pests, mites, pathogens, vertebrates and weeds) of crop plants and animal diseases. The journal has been abstracted in Review of Agricultural Entomology, Biocontrol News and Information, CABPest CD. The Journal is indexed in SCOPUS, NAAS, UGC Mandate, Index Copernicus. The society receives matching grant from ICAR towards the cost of publication for the Journal of Biological Control.

Journal of Mines, Metals and Fuels

| | | Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels (incorporating Indian Mining Journal), published by Books & Journals Private Limited since 1952, is a globally distributed & academic journal which is focused to serve the scientific research fraternity for the advancement and development by providing unique and peer reviewed research papers. JMMF welcomes and encourages authors with their papers to be published encompassing the fields and related fields of earth science majorly covering the key subject areas of mining, fuels, minerals, metallurgical and metal industries, broadly core and non-core mining. JMMF aims at publishing original and one of a kind research works, that highlights the latest trends of scientific and technical studies. JMMF, a monthly journal publishes adequate number of multi level assessed articles that are dedicated to serve the newest trends of technology and innovations in the field of mining and also into the allied science of fuels, metals, metallurgical sciences. The journal publishes articles, which are based on recent technical developments that facilitate the advancement of mining science and sustainable mining strategies and ethics.

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