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We are helping several journal publishers in their digital transformation journey by providing Online Journal Management System (OJMS), editorial services (copy editing, typesetting, proof reading), allotment of Digital Object Identifier (DOI), Plagiarism Check Service (iThenticate), generation of XML, born digital PDF, Print ready PDF files and publishing on the journal website. We also help in printing the Journal Issues and manage the subscriptions on behalf of our various publishing partners. 

Online Journal Publishing & Management Services

Informatics offers an easy-to-use online journal publishing and management platform that is designed for improved editorial management of scholarly journals. It also enables better accessibility to content. Our Online Journal Management System (OJMS) drastically reduces the broadcasting duration of research papers by managing the publishing cycle end-to-end.

The OJMS platform provided by us covers all aspects of online journal publishing, from establishing a journal website to operational tasks such as the author's submission process, peer review, editing, publication, archiving, and indexing of the journal. It also helps to manage the people aspects of organizing a journal, including keeping track of the articles, the work done by the editors, reviewers, and authors, notifying readers, and assisting with the correspondence.

Online Journal Management System (OJMS)

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CrossRef Collaboration

Informatics has the strategic partnership with CrossRef and we are Sponsoring organization of CrossRef membership. We can provide CrossRef services like Digital Object Identifier (DOI), Plagiarism Check Service (iThenticate), Cited-by-Reference and CrossMark Service to any Journal Publisher without Annual Membership Fee.


Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is an identification system for intellectual property in the digital environment, developed by the International DOI Foundation on behalf of the publishing industry. CrossRef is an official Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation. Informatics has collaborated with CrossRef for providing the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). We can assist you in complete process of DOI procurement including obtaining Publisher Id (DOI Prefix), designing the DOI pattern, generation XML files as per CrossRef Schema and depositing the XML files into CrossRef database for registering the DOI number. Informatics assist in assigning Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for Journal, Book, and Conference Proceeding etc.


Plagiarism Check Service - iThenticate

For editorial originality, Similarity Check, powered by iThenticate, helps editors compare the text of submitted papers for similarity.

Informatics provides plagiarism check for the articles using Similarity Check powered by iThenticate. The service helps our publisher members to actively engage in efforts to prevent scholarly and professional plagiarism by providing their editorial teams with access to Turnitin’s powerful text comparison tool, iThenticate. It is essential for every publisher that they check the plagiarism, before the paper is published in the journal. Informatics provides the Similarity Check service to any publisher without annual membership fee.


Crossref Cited-by Service for Citations

Display the citations (impact factor) and references of every article.

Crossref members can retrieve metadata records of publications that cite their content. The cited-by service enables our members to display cited-by links in the primary content that they publish. Informatics provides the Cited-by service of CrossRef to any publisher without annual membership fee.


CrossMark Services for Updates

The Crossmark button gives readers quick and easy access to the current status of an item of content, including any corrections, retractions, or updates to that record.

Crossmark provides a cross-platform way for readers to quickly discover the status of a research output along with additional metadata related to the editorial process. Crucially, the Crossmark button can also be embedded in PDFs, which means that members have a way of alerting readers to changes months or even years after it’s been downloaded. Informatics provides the CrossMark services to any publisher without annual membership fee.

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