Products from Global Publishers

Informatics partners with following global publishers in distributing their content to Indian libraries:

The most efficient way to discover and understand research. Using Smart Citations, easily check how a scientific article has been talked about and if its findings have been supported or contrasted by others. Search the largest database of citation statements with over 900M citation statements extracted and analyzed from over 25m full-text articles, plus over 1B traditional citations.

Find supporting and contrasting evidence on any topic.

A new peer-reviewed paper is published every 4 minutes. An estimated 50-90% of scientific reports cannot be independently verified. Scholarly metrics are all based on impact, with no indication of reliability.

Using scite is the only way to discover if studies have been verified and are reliable at scale. Search over 118m (our DOI data count ie. reports) publications to find out how they have been received.

Henry Stewart Talks Ltd (HSTalks) is a leading provider of specially prepared, animated, online, audio-visual lectures, seminar-style talks and case studies for medical schools, business schools, universities, and commercial enterprises in over 60 countries around the world.

Based in London, UK, HSTalks publishes two highly regarded collections (The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection and The Business & Management Collection). They are both available on annual subscription with licences granting unlimited access 24 hours a day every day of the year.

Editors and lecturers are leading world experts and practitioners, including Nobel Laureates, drawn from academia, research institutes, commerce, industry, the professions and government. The collections are continuously expanded and updated and may be easily embedded in online learning environments such as Moodle and Blackboard.

HSTalks is a member of the Henry Stewart Group which has been a leader in providing graduate and continuing professional education in science, business, and management for over 40 years through peer reviewed vocational journals, conferences, and online education for medical schools, business schools, universities, government, and commercial enterprises.

HSTalks has the following two collections :

The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection – an aggregation of more than 2,000 video talks in 15 different subject categories ranging from Agriculture and Environment Sciences to Pharmaceutical Sciences and 12 therapeutic areas.

The Business and Management Collections – an aggregation of more than 1,500 video lectures and case studies delivered by leading experts from industry, commerce, the professions, and academia.

Incision Academy

The Incision Academy is an online guide – 3D video-learning platform for improving surgical skills. The learning material focuses on the practical steps of the surgical procedure, and the relevant surgical anatomy.

The Incision Academy learning material:

– is carefully put together by surgeons, for (resident) surgeons.

– provides the knowledge for performing a surgical procedure.

– aggregates the most authoritative sources into a highly comprehensive description of a procedure.

– filmed using very high quality 6K cameras to obtain the best 3D films.