RFID Solution for Libraries

Ensure security for your library without a watchman

As the world advances towards automation services for libraries, Informatics offers smarter, cost-effective automation solutions such as the RFID. Most libraries consider the prospect of implementing RFID daunting as it can involve substantial expenditure, technical knowledge, and changes in the current working scenario. But Informatics uses the Building Blocks Approach to minimize expenditure, thereby enabling even smaller libraries to embrace this technology. Libraries can start with just the basic implementation of tags and staff station to become RFID enabled. This provides support to many areas like offering patrons self-check in/out, taking stock, searching books, and weeding out miss-shelved items. It also enables 24-hour check-in and a remote on-campus mini library, among other services.

RFID Solution

Informatics offers the following RFID solutions

RFID Solution

Key Features

Speeds up circulation activities.

Automates routine activities like check in/out.

Takes stock of inventory without manual intervention.

Relieves staff from manual work for better interaction with patrons and other library works.

Provides librarian with details of check in/out from across the globe.

Prevents intentional and unintentional removal of library material without checkout.

Provides 24-hour check-in facility to patrons.